Quality, innovation and technology for fruit processing

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OMIP S.R.L., founded in 1971, is targeted at all the canning companies which need to have a more reliable equipment, built with quality materials and great robustness, where the cost of production, as well as that of the workforce, is minimized.

For this reason, it is focused in the design and construction of machinery characterized by simplicity of operation, versatility and reduction of costs.

“Thanks to research, development and innovation, we have been able to introduce, on the world market, the most modern technologies in the field of pitting and hence becoming a global reference for fruit processing” said the company managers Francesco Pannullo and Alfonso Califano.

“In addition to continuously improving the products already on the market, our objective is to expand our manufacturing horizons through the design of machinery capable of transforming fruits and vegetables other than those that it is already able to process – added sales manager Timothy Ahiagba  – Examples of such achievement include the apricot pitters mod. KA3 and KA6, the peach Repitter and the Avocado Pitter mod. KAV2.”

Avocado Pitter mod. KAV2

“The KAV2 pre-cuts the Avocado separating it into two halves and thereby facilitating its pitting – continued the managers – The machine is suitable to pit the avocado fruit even if it is not perfectly graded.”

All parts in contact with the fruit are for alimentary and hygienic purposes and the structure is completely made of stainless steel. The avocados, appropriately unloaded into the Feeder, are put into the channels of the Orientation stationthat orientates the fruits and positions them at the ideal cut through appropriate and particular devices. The flexibility of the orientation elements allows the machine to automatically compensate the differences in the fruits that are not perfectly graded.

The Cutting Station is made up of three particular circular blades. “The innovated mechanisms have almost all eliminated the machine lubrication and have hence reduced operation costs to their minimum.”

OMIP’s organizational skills and the quality of their products have enabled them to establish themselves on all markets: from the Italian to European, from the South American and Californian ones to those of Africa and Australia up to the Asian and New Zealand markets.

Today, the use of the latest mechatronic applications, places OMIP a step ahead, hence revolutionizing once again, the sector of fruit pitting.

For more information:
Via Ponte, 21
84086 Roccapiemonte (SA) – Italy
Phone: +39 081 931835 / +39 081 931050
Fax: +39 081 932144
Website: www.omip.net

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